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Easter 1976



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We are sending this out to everyone who lives in our parish to announce that this new project is becoming a reality. You will have seen articles and sketches in the local paper, and building has already started on the site.


It's taken so long

Twenty-five years ago two acres of land were bought in Newlands Avenue for a new vicarage and church. The new vicarage was built immediately, and there have been attempts to begin the project of a new church. It always was a long and involved process and there have been other matters which as affairs then stood were more important, such as a new church school which we now have in Cockcroft Road. There was too the question of finance and ten years ago a New Church Building Fund was set up. Two years ago the P.C.C. passed a resolution by which they determined to set going all the necessary legal processes to make the new church a reality. During this time we have negotiated to sell all our church land, we have been talking to our firm of architects, and we have been seeing to the transfer from an old church to a new. Lots and lots of people have been asking 'When is the new church going up?' and the answer has always been 'Be patient' or 'Wait a little longer', but as you can see work has started in Newlands Avenue and because it is quite a simple building it should be finished around Christmas-time.


What sort of building will it be ?

During the last two years we have had several talks with Robert McGuire and Keith Murray, our architects, and they have been most sympathetic not only to our needs but also to the area in which we live, and we think they have produced a design which will suit us very well in every way. They have been very struck with the barns they have seen in Didcot and in the nearby villages and our new building is from the outside very like a barn. Inside it is rectangular, two-thirds church and one-third hall, with three pairs of doors which connect the two.

We believe that we ought to build a church for two reasons. Firstly, the new St. Peter's will be the parish church of the area and will have to take, sometimes at short notice, all the demands that will come. Secondly, we think it is important that a house is built to the glory of God that will stand for the everlasting message of Our Lord's gospel. There is only one church building which lies south of the Broadway (excluding the Baptist and Methodist churches which are on the Broadway) and our new church will be available for anyone to use for prayer and will we hope be an important community and spiritual feature in the area. It is because of our common belief and faith in the power and love of God and because all people are called to know and share His Love that we are building a church. There will be a side altar in honour of St. Frideswide. On the east side of the church there will be a garden of remembrance for ashes to be interred and those at present in St. Peter's churchyard will be carried across when the new site is ready. The War Memorial cross will also be moved to the new site.

There will also be a hall with a gallery and kitchen and lavatories (suitable for disabled people). The total area available in the hall will be considerably bigger than the present St. Peter's Hall in Church Street.


Where is the money coming from ?

The bulk of our money comes from the sale of our land - £51,000. We also have the money from the Fire Insurance when St. Frideswide's (the Barn) was burnt down - £30,000, and our own New Church Building Fund - £6,500. This makes a total of £86,500 which is almost exactly the estimate supplied by our Quantity Surveyor. We told the architects that we wanted all our capital to go into the building structure itself and consequently there is nothing left over for the fitments and furnishings. These are most important. There are many features which we shall take over from the old St. Peter's but if the interior is going to be a success we are going to need £15,000 to spend on furniture for the church and the hall. We have been to a large firm of church furnishers and tried to cost the items that we need and because these things are not in any sense mass-produced they tend to cost more than one is used to. Some money too will need to be spent on soft furnishings either in the way of altar frontals or hangings and the eucharistic vestments need to be renewed. The major feature will be the organ and preliminary enquiries have been made from various firms. It is difficult to be precise about the exact costing of these items, but we think that at least £15,000 is necessary. There are too one or two ways in which the architect would like to improve the building if money is forthcoming.

We do hope that you will give as generously as you can to our new church. It may be that you associate St. Peter's with a relative who has died, a wedding (your own or your son's or daughter's), or some other very personal occasion. This is part of the function of a parish church that it will try to meet all the spiritual needs of the parishioners as they arise. It is a place too where prayers are continually offered in intercession or thanksgiving for all whose needs are brought to us. Thirdly it is a place where Jesus Christ's death and resurrection are offered in thanksgiving for the blessings people receive and pleaded for the sins and tragedies of people's lives in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

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In a project like this both the smaller and larger items are important and we hope that your generosity will enable us to make the church and the hall as good as we can.



1. Payment by cheque or cash direct to P.C.C., St. Peter's Appeal Fund, Barclay's Bank, Broadway, Didcot. Ace No. 11358537.

2. You may prefer to pay on a monthly basis by standing order. Many may feel that this is a way of giving which will both help the appeal and allow people to give a bigger sum than seems at first possible. We do urge you to consider this. If you would like your monthly contribution collected by someone from you In your home we can easily arrange this. Please Inform one of the churchwardens (addresses below).

3. By cheque or cash In the envelope provided to one of the following addresses:

A. Digweed
V. Puddick
32 Mowbray Road
22 Drake Avenue
B. Goodall
B. Street
4 Portway
71 Kyneston Road
St. Peter's Vicarage
M. Morgan
Glebe Road
109 Broadway


The Revd. Christopher Hewetson
St. Peter's Vicarage,
Glebe Road,
Didcot. (812114)
Asst. Curate:

The Revd. Keith Kinnaird

52 Edwin Road,
Didcot. (812401)
G. Phillips, Esq.
9 Icknield Close,
Didcot. (814715)
B. Goodall, Esq.
4 Portway,
Didcot. (813722)



..................................................................................BANK LTD






..............FOR A PERI0D OF .......... MONTHS,

SORTING CODE 20-26-15.

Signed .................................................



The future is very exciting for the people of this parish. When the new church is consecrated and ready for use, the first thing to consider Is that prayers and thanksgivings be offered to God. Every day we pray for various types of people and their hopes and fears in the Eucharist and we shall have opportunity for a vigil or chain of prayer. We want too as many different groups of people to come to the building and enjoy being in it to feel that it is their church and their hall. Plans are already going ahead to make this possible. We aim to keep the church open for individuals to come in and pray. Just as in the present church, the Blessed
Sacrament will be reserved.

The following spring we are preparing a mission to the parish. We have Invited some sisters from St. Mary's Convent, Wantage and men training for the ministry from Oxford and Chichester to help us in this. It will be led by Philip Pare the Vicar of Cholsey. We hope It will be a great time for the growth of the Christian gospel in the parish. There will be a musical group for the evenings in the church and our team of visitors with lay folk in the parish will do the task of visiting. The mission will last ten days.




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