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Prayer Index

October 2016

Prayer intentions:
2nd Trinity XIX Psalm 141;
Isaiah 49:13-23;
Luke 12:1-12.
Cockcroft Road,
Mowbray Road.
Sunday School, Junior Church and its leaders.
3rd Psalm 98;
2 Kings 17:24-end;
Philippians 1:1-11.
Barnes Road, Barnes Close.
Little Fishes.
4th Francis of Assisi Psalm 106;
2 Kings 18:1-12;
Philippians 1:12-end.
Loyd Road; Bradbery Gardens.  For Franciscans, farmers, animal rescue centres and vets.
5th Psalm 111;
2 Kings 18:13-end;
Philippians 2:1-13
Green Road; Green Close.
The Wednesday Church and those who work with people with learning disabilities.
6th William Tyndale Psalm 115;
2 Kings 19:1-19;
Philippians 2:14-end.
Translated the Bible into English from Hebrew and Greek.  A Protestant reformer and martyr.
Royal Berkshire Close
The work of the Mothers’ Union throughout the world.
7th Psalm 139;
2 Kings 19:20-36;
Philippians 3:1-4:1.
Hardings Strings.
Our Director of Music and choir.
8th Psalm 121;
2 Kings 20;
Philippians 4:2-end.
Tavistock Avenue;
Bowness Avenue.
Those who keep the church and grounds clean and tidy.


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