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Prayer Index

October 2016

Prayer intentions:
9th Trinity XX Psalm 143;
Isaiah 50:4-10;
Luke 13:22-30.
Warner Crescent;
South Park Avenue.
Those who read the lessons and write the prayers for Sunday worship.
10th Paulinus Psalm 126;
2 Kings 21:1-18;
1 Timothy 1:1-17.
Paulinus was a companion of St Augustine on his mission to England. He began the building of a cathedral in York.
Newlands Avenue; Downs Road.
The Persecuted Church
11th Ethelburga Psalm 132;
2 Kings 22:1-23:3;
1 Timothy 1:18-end of 2.
Ethelburga left her native Kent when she married King Edwin of Northumbria and began the Christianisation of the North of England.
Larch Drive; Morse Road.
Churches Together in Didcot and District.
12th Wilfrid Psalm 136;
2 Kings 23:4-25;
1 Timothy 3.
Although Bishop of Northumbria, he fell out with several successive kings and was exiled to the South, where he established monasteries and churches.
Glebe Rd; Lynmouth Rd.
Wednesday Fellowship.
13th Edward Confessor. Psalm 143;
2 Kings 23:36-24:17;
1 Timothy 4.
Called Confessor as he lived a Godly life, but was not martyred. He died in January 1066.
Craven Way; Hillary Dr; Lockinge Close.
Our Queen and her Government.
14th Psalm 144;
2 Kings 24:18-25:12;
1 Timothy 5:1-16.
Cullen Place; Hanover Court.
Our Church Wardens
15th Teresa of Avila Psalms 147;
2 Kings 25:22-end;
1 Timothy 5:17-end.
A Carmelite nun, mystic and visionary. She wrote The Interior Castle.
Clarence Pl;
Frideswide’s Court.
Those following the Religious life, particularly at Wantage and Alton.


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