St Peter's Didcot


The St Peter’s Church Quiz ’n’ Chips nights are an opportunity to enjoy a convivial evening while helping raise money for local charities. People from across the Didcot community, including teams from local organisations and other churches in the town, come to enjoy one another’s company and battle it out to be quiz night champions.

Quiz Nights are on Saturdays, and doors open at 7.00pm. There are usually between fifteen and twenty tables, each with a team of between six and ten people. A few teams are made up of separate individuals, so it’s always possible to join in even if you’re on your own. The quiz is in two halves, with a break for the food, which is supplied by a local fish’n’chip shop. There is also a licensed bar.

During the break there is a raffle, which raises funds for a charity. This is usually a local good cause. Each year between £1,500 and £2,000 is raised for charities in this way. Representatives from the charity also say a few words about the work they are doing.

The quiz night usually ends at about 10.30pm, and there are prizes for the winning team, as well as a wooden spoon for the losers. Teams also accumulate points in an effort to win the trophy for the entire season. 

Dates for 2019/20 Season

 21st September 2019

 19th October 2019

 16th November 2019

 18th January 2020

 15th February 2020

 21st March 2020

 16th May 2020

 20th June 2020


Team 21-Sep-19 19-Oct-19 16-Nov-19 18-Jan-19 15-Feb-19 21-Mar-19 16-May-19 20-Jun-19
Heretics 16 11 19
Gangreen 15 12 17
The Choir 8.5 15 18
Saints  & Sinners 12 14 7
E-MCHammer 13 8 11
Good Evans 11 13 6
Casual Acquaintances 7 7 15
The Fruit Gum Detectives 14 6 4.5
Magnificent Seven 8.5 9 4.5
The Muppets 5 2 14
Little Monkeys 10 10
Hop Skip and Jump 2 1 13
Umbrella Academy 16
Good Neighbours 10 2
Famans Fire 12
Pic & Mix 4 4 3
No Eye Deer 9
Team Peacock 8
Crisps Nuts & Rock and Roll 3 3
Train 6
Didcot Knock Offs 5
Over the Rainbow 1 1